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Who are DAV veterans?

membershipeligible_resourcesAs one of the nation’s leading veteran service organizations, DAV’s successes on behalf of veterans rely solely on the strength and engagement of its members, which help ensure veterans’ issues are properly addressed in your local community and in Washington.

Who are DAV members, and how can you become one?

Any service member who was not dishonorably discharged and sustained an injury or illness during their time in the military—whether service connected by the VA or not—or anyone who aggravated a previous injury during his or her time in service, is eligible for DAV membership so long as they served during a period of armed conflict (does not have to be direct combat).

What does DAV membership include?

It’s well known that DAV’s services, including professional help with VA claims, transition and employment assistance DAV provides ALL veterans—all of which are provided at no cost to veterans—do not require membership in DAV.

However, DAV members do get savings on Ford vehicles and year-round discounted pricing on hotel and rental car rates—just to name a few perks. You also get a free subscription to DAV Magazine.

But most importantly – especially if you were helped by DAV – becoming a member gives you the opportunity to pay it forward and add your voice to help your fellow veterans.

How do you become a DAV member?

Go to, and fill out an application. You can submit it online or send it in the mail.

Either way, joining DAV’s ranks brings individual perks and strengthens the voices of our nation’s veterans in your local community and in Washington.

Learn more about becoming a DAV member by visiting and help fulfill the promises to the men and women who served.