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Victory for Veterans

America’s veterans are on their most important tour – the tour of their lives. DAV is on a mission to help America’s veterans get all the benefits they were promised.

Every year, DAV helps more than a million veterans, of all generations, as they face and conquer their challenges — connecting them to the health care, employment, education and financial benefits they’ve earned.

The “Victories” PSA campaign presents America’s veterans and the personal victories they’ve achieved. It highlights the victories of real-life veterans as it follows them through a moment in their day.

These true stories are just a few of the victories that DAV helps make possible every year. America’s veterans have the strength and perseverance to overcome challenges of every kind. With the support of organizations like DAV, and the American public, there is no limit to the positive lives our veterans can lead. They are true heroes and they deserve everything they’ve been promised.



Additional Videos

DAV brings the message of hope and recovery wherever it needs to be heard. Athletes, celebrities and veterans want to tell the world that they support DAV and stand by the heroes who have risked it all for our freedom. Share these videos with friends and family, and encourage them to join DAV in our commitment to fulfilling our promises to the men and women who served.

To view all videos, please go to the DAV Channel.

Keeping Our Promise to Vetrans

DAV Keeps the Promise to America’s Veterans

DAV National Commander

Ron Hope recently went on a mission with Mike Wolfe.

Year In Review

DAV’s accomplishments over the past year.

The Value of DAV Membership

Join nearly 1.3 million of your fellow veterans.

How to file a VA claim

How to file a VA claim

Contact National Service Officer.

Seven Ways to Service-Connected Disability

Service-Connected Disability

Find out how VA determines service-connected disability.

What to expect after filing a VA claim

After filing a VA claim

Communication from VA first.

VA Claim Form

VA Claim Form

The VA doesn’t want your napkins.

What to expect after receiving your VA claim decision

VA Claim Decision

Satisfied or not satisfied.

Who Should File a VA Claim

Who should file VA Claim

Active Duty or Veteran, find out here.


Determining VA Disability Ratings

How does VA determine disability ratings?

Mariela Meylan

Mariela Meylan

2016 DAV Freedom Award Recipient.

Bobby Body

2016 Outstanding Disabled Veteran of the Year.

Surviving Bataan

Surviving Bataan

Lester Tenney, a survivor of the Bataan Death March.

A life fulfilled

A life fulfilled

Not only our family’s heroes, but our heroes.

One day

One Day

A single day can change everything

Benefits Protection Team

Benefits Protection Team

While others talk, DAV Benefits Protection Teams act.



A way for the community to say “Thank You” for the service and sacrifice.

What does DAV mean to our members?

What can DAV Membership mean to you?

DAV Secures benefits for homeless veteran

Joseph Lightwies reached out to DAV.

C&P Exams

Compensation + Pension.

Volunteering for veterans?

Dave Wilder coordinates the DAV volunteer shuttle

America’s Unsung Heroes

Family caregivers

A day in the life of a veteran caregiver

Bringing awareness to the challenges and inequities facing America’s veteran caregivers.

How to attend a DAV Career Fair

Get the inside scoop on attending DAV Veterans Career Fairs

Adam Greathouse

2017 DAV Freedom Award Recipient.

Hiring America / WorkingNation

Veterans transition to civilian careers.

Victories for Veterans

Bobby Body, U.S. Army veteran

Victories for Veterans

Bobby Barrera, Vietnam veteran

Jataya Taylor

2018 DAV Freedom Award Recipient

Dr. Kenneth Lee

2017 Outstanding Disabled Veteran of the Year