Women Veterans

Women Veterans—the Fight for Equity

DAV is working for equal access to benefits and quality health care.

Women transitioning from military to civilian life have different needs, face different challenges than their male counterparts. They have, for example, higher rates of unemployment and PTSD symptoms and, of course, very different physical health needs than men. Yet, as DAV documented in its landmark report, The Long Journey Home, the system that awaits them is a disjointed patchwork of programs marked by serious gaps in health care, housing, other community support services, employment and efforts to eradicate sexual assault. They are being put at risk by a system designed for and dominated by men.

Whether it’s testifying on Capitol Hill, urging Congress to take action now to ensure women veterans are given every chance to succeed in civilian life, or working directly with them to help get the services and support they need, DAV is a tireless advocate on behalf of women who have served.

“DAV has been leading the way, fighting for women veterans, for decades, including co-convening the first-ever national summit on women veterans, providing specialized training to all of our national service officers on issues unique to women veterans, and hiring unprecedented numbers of female field staff,” said Joy J. Ilem, DAV’s national legislative director and a disabled veteran herself.

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Women's Report

The research reveals that America’s more than 300,000 women veterans are put at risk by a system designed for and dominated by male veterans.

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